I’ve produced and filmed a variety of content. Music Videos for singer/songwriter Christian O'Neil and The Others.  Shot at Tone Freq studio in San Jose.  Engineered and mastered by Steve Glaze. Seymour Duncan videos shot at company headquarters. Santa Clara PD were shot at in various locations in Santa Clara.


The following short films were created for the Santa Clara Police Department. In addition to video and sound production I was contracted to develop marketing collateral that would communicate Santa Clara’s unique brand position. 

A project this size has many moving parts and challenges to overcome. The main challenges were scheduling and logistics with the departments and the officers involved with the video/photo shoots. Due to the dynamic nature of police work shoot dates had to be flexible and workarounds be calculated on set. At times, speed and accuracy were necessary in order to capture the needed footage. Some days I only a had a few minutes to capture video and photographs. Santa Clara was extremely supportive in every way manageable given their unpredictable job environment. 

Other challenges were creative decisions on story and editing. It was a tough balancing act to create content that would excite and motivate potential law enforcement officers, abide by the requirements of many related departments, and deliver a message that would be well received by the community. A lot of effort went into the edits to meet these requirements. This project required a broad range of disciplines. I managed to shoot all location footage, video editing, music compositions, lighting, photography, and audio recording/performance. 


  • Music/audio

    • Scoring for film

    • synchronization

    • performance and music sequencing

    • mixing and mastering

    • Audio dialoge editing

  • Project management

    • Scheduling

    • Asset management

    • Communications

    • Daily edits and review

    • Documentation

    • Equipment allocation and rentals

    • Talent direction

    • Budgeting, billing, and delivery.

    • Location scouting

    • Music direction

  • Video Editing

    • Color grading with Di Vinci Resolve

    • Final cut pro X expertise

    • Asset delivery and transcoding

    • Creative decisions to enhance company vision

    • Voice over sound editing

    • Sound and music synchronization

  • Video Shooting

    • Knowledge and use of gimbals and tripods

    • Glidecam techniques

    • On location video lighting

    • Lens selection and rental

    • Correct video settings for normal and slow motion effects

    • Field and in-studio audio capture

    • Levis stadium and department logistic